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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back to the Campfire

It has been over a year...

It has been over a year since my last entry here. I have been up to a bunch.

I'm not managing Katte Ureshiimono any more... at least not the shop -- but I still do some work as I am connected with the web space it is on so there will be some managerial duties and I will be helping with some of the catalogue sorts of work.

I am still managing the Port Moody Station Museum Web Site and the Port Moody Station Museum Blog. It has been a bit quiet there so I should perhaps stir things up a bit with the site and blog. I'm Vice President for the Heritage Society and the representative for the society on the Port Moody Heritage Commission for the second year so I have a few hats there.

I have also set a goal for myself in my writing in addition to working on my Novels, Anthology, Comics, Book, and other writing projects. My goal is to write an article a day for a year and post it in the column I run in my blog The Gnomestead Stump. My purpose is to show that I can produce on a professional level. The column does cover an extreme variety of articles and I do try to write more than an article a day to make up for those inevitable times when I might not be able to write.

In addition to The Gnomestead Stump I am also co-writing a column of art reviews with Mags Alden. We are writing a review a day of interesting illustrations and photos Mags finds on the Web. That column is called "Blended Realms" and we review images of interesting "fantastic" realms of fantasy art, science fiction art, space art, and surreal art of various media.

That is a lot to cover. Perhaps too much, but I work as I can. I am making writing my career -- somehow.

I have been working on my novel, "Falling" for a bit over a year with a 6 month hiatus in the middle and haven't worked much on "Charlie Tenn." novel or my "A Little East of North" anthology of ghost stories recently. I have worked a bit on essays that will become parts of other novels and have been considering what to include in some poetry collections... of course poetry collections tend to be a bit of a vanity press sort of thing, but we can hope.

I might post excerpts of my books, except I am not sure if that would harm potential for publication.

I started working using a MacBook that I purchased December 2007 after saving for a year-and-a-half which has helped for writing, but I don't have the software yet that I want for web site management development or for photo manipulation and graphic editing. I still use my desktop PC for that... I'll work something out, but it has slowed my learning in website creation and management.

I have gained a number of tools for doing things though including using the ScribeFire application for Firefox which I use to create my blog entries with. It really works well.

~ Darrell


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