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Welcome to my little campfire of a blog. A place to chat, I guess about this and that. Perhaps a bit of prose, poetry and opinion too. I hope it won't become a zoo.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Welcome to my blog!

I am just experimenting with doing a proper blog. So here it is. I hope maybe to figure out ways to tie in all the other blogs and social Internet webing I do into one common hub somehow. I'll figure it out somehow. In the meantime it is sort of like an explosion in a paint factory.
This also will prove to be a bit of a testing ground for things I will be doing on the PM Museum Blogger blog.
So that is that on that.
~ Darrell
AKA Darrell Wade AKA Belgnorman Kringel AKA Gnorman the Gnome AKA Lord Wade of Many Places But mostly Darrell Wade Penner

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