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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Some more

Hello Again!
I figured I would make another post to see how things worked. I think I will have to create a second blog which is actually hosted on in order to experiment with their layout editor before I convert the museum blog over to the new manager.
That feature only works for blogs hosted on They do allow for a person to point their domain at it... or something like that.
This - by-the-way - is a picture imported as medium sized and with text streamed to the left. The previous post had the images as a small one and streamed on the right. I did adjust the width down to suit the resolution of the image however.
I am using the Lucida Grande font for this. I am thinking if I want to use something like Comix font I will have to do some post creation on other software and transfer it here.
So ends this second Blog entry.
~ Darrell, aka et al



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